Intimate Arabia Mountain Vow Renewal

A Private and Dreamy Atlanta Vow Ceremony

I had the privilege of filming Morgan and Hassan's wedding in May of last year, so when I got the opportunity to film their vow renewal one year later, I was so excited.

Just outside of Atlanta, Arabia Mountain feels like a foreign planet with its reflecting pools and insane views. This otherworldly mountaintop made for the perfect setting for these two to recite their vows and reaffirm their love and admiration for each other one year after first saying "I do."

So much can change in a year of marriage, but it is so evident that Morgan and Hassan's love for each other is just as strong and deep as it was when they first tied the knot. Their vows at their wedding were absolute tear-jerkers, and their renewed vows were no different.

"Love has given us wings, so in this moment, I challenge you to take my hand so we can take flight in this thing together."

Watch their teaser film below to see just a small snippet of their powerful vows.

The Teaser Film

"The first day I met you, it just did something to me. I know that I was made to love you forever."

Not only did we have the opportunity to film Morgan and Hassan's vow renewal, but we also got to document the day through photography! It was so much fun to expand our creativity and skills through still images. Shout-out to Antonio for taking these incredible photos!

Can't get enough of this adventurous Arabia Mountain Vow Renewal? Watch the full highlight video below.

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